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Our Interests

Sugar Production







Biomass --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> Sugars and Chemicals


1. Energy efficient catalytic processing of biomass for fuels and chemical feedstock.

mechanically induced catalysis
co-products for lower fuel costs
solid frustrated Lewis pairs for hydrogenation and CO2 capture

2. d10 metal fluorescent indicators for trace and presumptive identification of substances of abuse
3. Characterization and processing of biodiesel and biojet fuel
4. Alternative synthetic methods using ball mills in place of heating (mechanochemistry)

Mechanically induced self propagating syntheses

Reaction in Mill









Large-scale syntheses








Our research focuses on new methods for the production of biomass-derived chemicals and feedstocks


Process map

The rapid identification of pharmacologically active substances and their metabolites using fluorecent d10 cluster complexes

Drug Ident

We are investigating the kinetics and mechanisms inorganic synthesis through high-energy ball milling.




Contact Information

Dr. Richard G. Blair
Research Professor
University of Central Florida
Department of Physics
Center for Advanced Turbomachinery and Energy Research (CATER)
4000 Central Florida Blvd. - PSB 430
Orlando, FL 32816-2385

Phone:      407-823-0639
Fax:           407-823-2252
E-mail:      Richard.Blair@ucf.edu

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